We don’t like to write case histories about ourselves, so we’ll make this easy on you. But you want to know what Anvil Chinook has done before, right?  OK, here’s a rant about our favorites. But it’s better if you just talk with us. We’ve …

  • Polished up the brands of a couple global enterprise software firms.
  • Rebranded merged software companies into new ones.
  • Handled M&A communications, divestiture communications, bankruptcy proceedings and rapid growth strategies.
  • Persuaded customers of a major global printing systems manufacturer to “Print Less” and save money.
  • Executive-produced multi-day customer conferences where thousands attended.
  • Promoted the biggest rubber duck race in America.
  • Raised money for an archaeological center by promoting Native American art.
  • Managed an ad agency and a PR firm.
  • Worked for or managed global communications, advertising and events management agencies.
  • Tried to help a client buy a train from the U.S. government.
  • Wrote speeches and videos about countless subjects ranging from technology to education to asbestos litigation to real estate to white collar crime.
  • Created a sales training program for a software firm in crisis.
  • Created and managed a g’zillion integrated marketing communications campaigns and product launches.
  • Designed and directed dynamic customer reference programs for sales and marketing purposes.
  • Managed the media in good times and bad.
  • Helped podiatrists in a community collect boots for the homeless.
  • And then, of course, there was the Asparagus Queen instance….

But the BEST was shipping 100 pregnant cows from Denver to Moscow via Fedex to start a new ranching industry in Russia. ‘Twas the “herd shot round the world!”  Here’s a news clip, oldie but goodie, check it out!

There’s more, but these are a sampling.  You get it.  Yes, we’re different.  Lots of experience you could say.  But mainly, we like to write.  That’s what allowed all this other stuff you just read about to happen.  Words were at the root of it ALL.  Which is why Anvil Chinook is focused on corporate and creative writing. Words make things real.

Frankly, we’re pretty good at what we do. Just ask anyone who’s worked with us.